FAQs About Renter’s Insurance In Gilroy, CA

FAQs About Renter’s Insurance In Gilroy, CA

In California, tenants of rental properties acquire renter’s insurance to protect themselves and their personal property. Select rental agreements require the tenant to purchase renter’s coverage as a term of the lease. The following are FAQs about Renter’s Insurance in Gilroy CA.

Coverage for Personal Belongings

The renter’s coverage provides coverage for the tenant’s personal belongings. This coverage isn’t available through the homeowner’s insurance secured by the landlord. The renter’s coverage will replace these items based on the allotted value provided by the insurance policy. However, the tenant may increase this value or acquire a rider for high-valued items.

Liability Coverage to Prevent Legal Action

The policy provides coverage for any property damage that happens as a result of the tenant’s actions. This term eliminates the liabilities presented by damage and the landlord’s ability to sue the tenant. It pays for all structural damage repairs required by the tenant. Any damage that was caused by an adverse weather condition is covered under the owner’s coverage.

Limited Coverage for Pet Related Injuries

Tenants that have dogs need coverage for possible liabilities associated with dog attacks. While this coverage is available through renter’s insurance, it is limited in some cases. Dog breeds that are classified as high-risk are not covered. These breeds include pitbull, doberman, and rottweiler. Any breeds in which there have been high volumes of attacks reported equate to a high risk. It is not likely that the tenant will find adequate coverage through insurance for these breeds.

Is Flood Coverage Included?

No, flood coverage isn’t included in renter’s insurance policies. If the property is in a flood zone, the owner is required to purchase flood coverage. However, the flood coverage will not cover the personal belongings of the tenant. The tenant will need a separate policy if they want flood-based coverage.

In California, tenants purchase renter’s insurance as a method of protecting their belongings or as a term of their lease. The coverage pays for the replacement of their items that are inside the property if a covered event happens. Tenants who need Renter’s Insurance in Gilroy CA visit Coastautoinsurance.com to review policies today.

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