Important Information on Choosing After School Day Care in Pittsburgh

Parents who are searching for an after school day care in Pittsburgh can sometimes feel overwhelmed in their choices. Parents who work longer than school hours sometimes need to seek care for their children, so they are not left at home alone. This type of care is also needed during the summer months when schools are not in session. Unlike a daycare, these programs seek to help children with homework, engage their learning, and allow them recreational activity so they can stay physically fit. With this information, parents will know what they should look for in an after school program.

The most important aspect of choosing an After School Day Care in Pittsburgh is making sure the child is safe. There are several standards a parent should look for when searching for a program for their child:

• Should provide opportunity for quiet time for carrying out homework tasks

• Must provide help with homework, learning activities, and tutoring

• Should provide developmental activities that enrich a child’s education

• Should provide physical activity opportunities to help children properly channel pent-up energy

• Help to foster the self-worth of each individual child

• Encourage social interaction between children to improve a child’s self-esteem

When searching for after school care programs, parents need to make sure the program provides the right ratio of teachers to students. The program should be held in a safe and clean environment that does not produce any hazards that could cause injury.

Parents should visit the program on a few different occasions; both announced and unannounced. They need to learn all they can about the program so they can be sure of what it offers. This will allow a parent to know if their child will be interested in the program and be excited about attending. Finally, parents also need to make sure the hours of operation fit in with their family’s needs. It is important to learn if the child can come before school and after school and on holidays and during the summer.

If you are a parent in need of after school care for your child, contact ABC’s For Children. They provide safe and nurturing care for children of all ages.

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