Important Questions Answered About Regular Septic Tank Service In Spring TX

Maintaining a septic system is crucial and when it’s not regularly serviced it can cause major problems for a homeowner. A septic tank that’s too full will leak waste water out into the drain field, and sewage can possibly back up through the drains in the house. Before you experience any of these problems, contact a qualified septic tank service in Spring TX to inspect and clean out your septic tank. Find out critical information about septic system maintenance and service by reading the questions and answers below.

Q.) How can a homeowner tell if the septic tank needs pumping out by a professional?

A.) If the drain field is soaked with water and if there’s a strong septic odor around this area, it’s time to have the tank pumped out. If the toilets begin flushing slowly or if the sinks take a long time to drain the water, this is another sign of a full septic tank. To be safe, a homeowner should have their tank cleaned out by a professional company every 3 to 5 years. Homeowners should contact a qualified company to inspect the septic system and check the sludge levels of the septic tank once a year. If necessary, the professional can pump out the tank if the sludge level is getting too high.

Q.) What are some things a homeowner can do between septic tank service visits to maintain their system?

A.) In addition to regular maintenance visits by an experienced company that provides septic tank service in Spring TX a homeowner can also help to maintain the system on a daily basis. Nothing should be flushed down the toilet stool except for toilet tissue. This includes cat litter, food, baby diapers and paper napkins. Homeowners should never pour grease, hazardous chemicals or coffee grounds down the sink drains. These items that aren’t approved for a septic system can cause a clog in the sewer or drain pipes.

Sooner Done Septic Pumping Inc provides professional septic services including septic tank pumping and hydro-jet cleaning. Visit their website to learn more information about septic tank cleaning and to contact the company for their services.

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