Important Terminology with Front Doors

Shopping online for front doors can be a new experience for many people. This is a great way to have a wide selection of doors and to be able to customize your door with regards to the color of stain, the type of hardware, and even the style of glass for the door, sidelites and transom.

The most challenging part of online shopping for front doors can be the terminology, but it is relatively simple once you have the basic understanding of what the manufacturer is conveying.

Pre-Hung Doors

For exterior doors, buying pre-hung front doors is always the best decision. This means the door comes shipped with the frame, so everything is correctly placed and balanced. All that is required is to level the frame in the rough opening and fasten it in place.

This is still a job for an experienced carpenter, but it ensures the front door will fit and will work perfectly once leveled and installed.

Solid Construction

Not all wood front doors are designed with solid construction. By choosing a manufacturer that uses solid wood for the stiles and rails, or the door edges, and then solid panels for the interior components of the door, you will have a door that will last for years.

Watch carefully for veneers, especially on lower cost doors that are presented as mahogany doors. Veneer is a thin coating of wood over another wood, which is likely to be easily damaged with exposure to weather elements.

Transom and Sidelites

The transom is the additional window and frame area over the top of the door, and the sidelites are the additional windows and frames to the sides of the door. These can be strictly ornamental, or practical, letting in light or allowing breeze in.

Typically, front doors are designed to be installed with optional transom or sidelight options, or as stand-alone doors. Top companies provide customization to create just the look you want on your entrance, which includes modifying transoms and sidelites.

The different types of glass used in front doors can range from privacy glass, which prevents people from looking into or out of the door but still lets in light, to clear glass that provides high levels of visibility. Again, top companies offer different glass choices, allowing you to create the look that is right for your home.

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