Important Things to Know Before Hiring a Land Clearing Service in Waikoloa Hawaii

Before a house or other type of structure can be built the property must be cleared to make way for the new construction project. This is one of the most labor intensive parts of a construction job, and if precautions are not taken it can lead to a multitude of problems. Before hiring a company to provide Land Clearing Service in Waikoloa Hawaii, it’s important for the homeowner to discuss the following items. Make sure the company hired provides quality service and can ensure a smooth start to any size project.

Utility Lines The first step in clearing land is determining where any underground utilities may lie. If a power line, water line or gas main is damaged it will be the responsibility of the homeowner to correct the issue. Utility companies provide underground marking service for free, so workers can clear the land without fear of causing damage or personal injury. Demolition of Existing Structures Once all safety precautions have been taken, the next step is to remove any existing structures. Most crews will use heavy machinery to crush the structures, and then load the waste into a dump truck for easy removal. Make sure the Land Clearing Service in Waikoloa Hawaii disconnects all utility services running to the property, and that the area is properly contained to avoid the chance of bystanders becoming injured during this step.

Tree and Earth Removal The last step is to remove any trees and excavate the land to ensure there is adequate space for the project. The land clearing service will need to meet with the builder so they can prepare a pad for any foundation elements that will be installed in the structure. The homeowner should decide with the builder on the optimal placement of the structure before starting the process of clearing land. There are a variety of tree removal companies that also provide land clearing services. Mother Earth Tree Service has been helping residents of the Waikoloa area maintain their property and prepare for new projects for more than 15 years. Visit  to learn more about the services they provide, and make any land clearing project easier to complete.

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