Important Things You Should Know About Employment Discrimination Attorney in Schaumburg

Important Things You Should Know About Employment Discrimination Attorney in Schaumburg

Employment discrimination in Schaumburg happens far too often. That is why attorneys are standing by to assist anyone who is in need of some legal assistance during this trying time. Before you even get started on thinking about lawsuits, here are a few things to brush up on first.

Discrimination Can Be Based on Anything

When a lot of people think of discrimination, their first thought goes toward race. Pay discrepancies, particularly between women who do the same work as their male counterparts for less pay, also come up. However, discrimination can involve anything that is not directly related to your job performance. You can be discriminated against based on your country of origin, military status, disability, age or whether you get pregnant.

Keep a Chronology

If you suspect you are experiencing employment discrimination in Schaumburg, the most important thing to do is to keep track of everything that happens to you. Write down instances where you were treated differently from your coworkers. If you can acquire video evidence to support your claims, then that is even better.

Be Ready for the Long Haul

Lawsuits based on discrimination can take a long time. The judicial process gets notoriously backed up, so it can take some time before you even see your day in court. You need to be ready to work with your lawyer for months or even years on end. Additionally, if you plan to continue working at the company where you experienced discrimination, then you should be prepared for some awkward feelings.

Discrimination takes all kinds of forms. You might be passed over for a promotion even though you are the most qualified person for the job. You may hear insensitive jokes that are directly targeted toward you. While you should try to resolve these issues within the company if you can, sometimes you just need to hire an attorney who has dealt with employment discrimination in Schaumburg in the past.

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