Improving Your Posture for Superior Spine Health

Improving Your Posture for Superior Spine Health

If you find that you constantly feel stiff, fatigued or with a limited range of motion, then you may be suffering a very common problem: poor posture. This will not only affect the alignment of your spine, but may also lead to a reduced amount of energy, a reduced ability to heal and severe back and neck pain. There are actually three tips that you can utilize in order to maintain the proper posture for optimum spine health. This will also help to enhance your overall well-being, as well as performance.

When you begin evaluating where how to improve your posture, you should look at your daily environment. For example, do you slouch at your desk when you are at work, or perhaps when you drive your car? Evaluate all of your daily activities to consider if you could improve the posture that you have in these routine activities.

One effective way to improve your posture is to adjust your environment and surroundings. Back and neck pain can appear when you are constantly slouching. This will put a huge amount of undue stress on the muscles around the spine that they are just not equipped to handle. You should consider your seating arrangements in order to ensure that the vertebrae are actually stacked directly on top of each other and that your head does not jut forward when it is on top of your spine. The alignment should be consistent to your pelvis, which should be directly below the spine and when you are standing in a position that is directly above the knees and ankles.

Another method that you can use to improve your posture, is exercise. There are many therapeutic exercises that can be done to improve your posture. If you have had chronic poor posture for an extended period of time your muscles around your spine are likely weak and unable to support proper alignment for your body. When you participate in exercises to strengthen these specific muscles you can eliminate the neck and back pain that is typically associated with poor posture.

Improving your posture will have many benefits, in addition to reducing your pain. However, if the steps here do not work as you imagined, then seeking care from a spine center in Tampa area may be your best course of action. They can evaluate the problem more carefully and determine a viable solution.

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