Tips for Getting a Dog Used to Doggie Grooming, Boarding, and Training

As a dog owner, there are many times when the need for outside services arises. This can be for Doggie Grooming or when the dog must be boarded. In some cases, a dog will need obedience training with an outside source as well. By properly preparing a dog, all of these processes can be easier and less stressful for the dog, the dog owner, and the person performing the service. Read on for helpful tips.


Doggie Grooming is an essential part of pet ownership. Without proper grooming, a dog won’t look it’s best but, more importantly, it won’t feel it’s best either. Matting and tangles are painful to dogs. To get the dog used to grooming, begin when it’s young. Mimic the movements a groomer will make. This will get your dog used to these movements, so they’re not as frightening. Also, let your dog hear the blow-dryer and the shower running, as these are other sounds the dog will have to get used to.


Before boarding the dog, take him or her for a long walk before heading to the dog boarder. A walk will help release the dog’s energy and make him calmer. A calm dog is better able to handle changes. The dog will feel less stressed and will be easier to work with. Be sure of your decision to kennel the dog. If, as an owner, you’re not secure in your decision, the dog will sense this and become frightened.

Build a relationship with those who care for your dog

Instead of switching from place to place or person to person, build a relationship with one person you trust. If that is The Dog Stop, continue with them. Build rapport, get to know them, and let them get to know the dog. When it’s possible, use the same business for grooming, kenneling, and training needs. This makes it easier on the dog, as he will become familiar with the building and those who work there.

Grooming, boarding, and training doesn’t have to be stressful for dogs. Keep the above tips in mind to keep your pet happy, well groomed, cared for, and relaxed. You can like them on Facebook.

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