In the Military and Want a Divorce? Contact a Military Divorce Attorney in Fair Oaks CA

Even though an attorney may have handled hundreds of divorces, he/she would probably be the first to say that not one of them was alike. Each divorce had different matters that had to be settled. Divorce is also such a delicate and personal matter, both spouses usually want to keep it totally private. Sometimes a protection from abuse (PFA) order must be filed because one of the spouses is irate, and actually dangerous to the other spouse. If there are children, they have to be sent someplace neutral where they are safe from harm.

It’s wonderful if a divorce is amicable and can be accomplished on friendly terms. This is what the Military Divorce Attorney in Fair Oaks CA constantly hopes for when he assists couples through a divorce, but very often, divorces aren’t amicable. Military personnel have specific issues that must be dealt with when they file for divorce. Issues such as where their permanent residence is located, as in which jurisdiction is it in? There’s also the issue of the division of monies the service member earns according to his/her Leave and Earnings Statement. Questions must be answered as to who will receive custody of the children, and how will assets be divided? All of these are serious issues that must be addressed during a military divorce.

For those interested in finding a military divorce attorney in Fair Oaks CA, they should look to the Law Office of Hugh O. Allen who has served the community for 35 years. Whether a person has been married for 20 years, or they’ve only been married for 2 years, an accumulation of belongings has to be distributed. Alimony has to be arranged, and assets divided, along with property purchased while the couple was married. This can be a very sad time, but it can be a positive time with the help of one of the attorneys in the area.

For those couples seeking a military divorce, they need to contact an attorney who has helped friends and acquaintances who are also serving their country. Separation of couples, money issues and stress are quite often the reason people divorce today. Contacting an attorney who has worked with many others offers the best solution.

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