Industrial Fire Safety Equipment: Godiva Firefighting Pumps

Industrial Fire Safety Equipment: Godiva Firefighting Pumps

Urbanization is an imperative for the development of the country, and is an integral part in achieving a new infrastructure standard. Eventually closing the gap between the global and country level standards. Growing infrastructure development implies to human settlement and industrialization, thereby demanding safety measures, in the event of a natural disaster or an environmental emergency.

Accidents caused by fire have increased alongside the rapid urbanization that the country observes. The Fire Protection departments have a need to meet the huge fire & safety deficit some of the states in the country are facing. The National Disaster Management Association (NDMA), is the government body responsible for the safety of lives and assets, in the event of any type of disaster. The NDMA estimates that the deficit in safety infrastructure in Fire Fighting & Rescue Vehicles, Personnel and Fire Stations are 80.0%, 96.3%, and 97.5% respectively. Quick response, mobility efficiency of equipment and the training of the fire personnel are critical while fighting a fire hazard.

The mobility & efficiency of equipment factor is solely external and addressed by an efficient & reliable equipment that adheres to the standards. Firefighting pumps are the most important tools required in any fire hazard handling. These vary in sizes, and the number of users required, for handling a single equipment. The assured flow of these pumps is one of the primary deciding factors during the equipment purchase. Fire truck pumps act as the best support system for firefighters in the golden hour of saving lives.

Godiva Limited, a unit of IDEX Corp (Florida, U.S.), is one of the world’s leading provider of specialist equipment for the emergency services market. It has manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA & India, and representative offices and distributors throughout the world. Godiva Limited is the home of the internationally recognised GODIVA brand of fire pumps, which are in service in more than 100 countries. Godiva pumps are truck mounted, and portable fire pumps and the Class 1 range of electronic instrumentation. This reassuring range of products are introduced to the Indian market by IDEX India, with nine variants of Vehicle Mounted Fire Pumps and two of Portable under the product lines PowerFlow and Suprima respectively.

The salient features of these fire pumps that add value to the customers are as follows:

-Multi-Stage Pressure System- Assured Flow

-Durablility- Useful Life

-Priming System (Watering and Exhaust Gas)

-Low maintenance

According to some of the Major Chief Fire Officers (CFO), an ideal fire pump work on full efficiencies as mentioned in the product’s technical specification. The desired responsive time for priming is within 30 sec. The useful life is expected to be around 20 years also must be low maintenance. The aforementioned factors underlined by the customers have been incorporated during the development of a “local” design of Godiva.

To know more about Godiva firefighting pumps, please visit or give us a call on 1800 267 9955 (toll free).

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