5 Home Decorating Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

Avoid common home decorating mistakes. Here’s a list of pitfalls you’ll want to avoid:

Picking the wrong colors

It’s all about the color combination, says The Spruce. Most times, colors that might seem too heavy and dark can easily be countered by pairing it up with decorative pieces of furniture in soft tones. For instance, black goes well with warm yellow. If you’ve got a corner with paintings and a chest of drawers in dark tones, adding light colored accents can easily relieve the boredom and monotony of using the same tones, allowing you to use that pop of color to bring your space to life.

Not educating yourself

If you keep reading up about decorating basics and tips, then you’re bound to develop a better eye for home décor in South Miami. That way, you can start correcting yourself. If you don’t read up, though, then your eye will stay untrained as ever and you’ll have a hard time picking out which pieces will work for your home and space.

Too much overhead lighting

Plenty of homes still largely rely on overhead lighting. But you could benefit so much more from the addition of task and accent lighting. If you want better lighting, start mixing your options up.

Starting with colors

While hues and shades matter, shopping for color might not be a good idea. It would be best to look for furniture and then decorate your interiors around that piece. That’s going to help you make better buying decisions too when you look for home décor in South Miami.

Putting in too many pillows

While pillows can easily bring a dash of much needed color and texture to your home, don’t overdo it. Too many throw pillows could overwhelm your furniture. If you don’t want your couch or sofa to look lost in those mountains of pillows, keep them to a reasonable number.

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