If You Are Injured At Work, Do You Need An Attorney?

Employers are obliged by law to provide employees with workers compensation insurance. Workers comp covers medical expenses and lost income in the event an employee is injured on the job. If you have sustained an injury while on the job, do you need to hire an attorney? The answer to this question depends to a great extent on the severity of your injuries and how your employer and the insurance company react to your claim.

If your injuries were minor and you lost little time at work, there is no need to involve an attorney. However, even minor injuries can worsen; as such, it never hurts to confer with an experienced attorney. Workers compensation attorneys in Charlotte & Richmond offer people an opportunity to discuss their situation at no cost. Once the attorney has heard the background, he or she can offer an opinion on whether this is something that you can handle directly or if, to protect your rights, there should be an attorney involved.

When you do need representation:

Workers compensation cases can become quite complex, if you sense there may be a problem with your benefits, do not hesitate to contact workers compensation attorneys in Charlotte & Richmond. Situations such as the two that follow are examples of when representation is a must:

  • Denial of benefits: It is not unusual for an employer or the insurer to deny a claim. Employers and insurance companies know from experience that many people that are denied benefits will not appeal. Not knowing any better, they simply accept the fact that their claim was not accepted. An experienced workers compensation attorney knows the law; he or she can tilt the scales in your favor, seeing to it that your claim is accepted.
  • Potential third party claim: The idea behind workers comp is to ensure the injured employee is compensated without having to rely on the courts. If there is a third party involved, perhaps the injury was caused by a faulty tool, the employee can sue the tool manufacturer. In cases like this, a seasoned attorney is essential.

If there are any complications, it is always a good idea to consult with experienced workers compensation attorneys in Charlotte & Richmond.

If you have been injured while on the job, workers comp is supposed to cover your medical expenses and lost income. The system is complex and many injured workers turn to workers compensation attorneys in Charlotte & Richmond for help. You are invited to contact Hunter & Everage.

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