Inpatient Treatment: Advantages and Disadvantages

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Drug Addiction

Inpatient treatment is a type of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction that requires you to stay at the hospital until the treatment is through. This treatment has a number of advantages and disadvantages to offer recovering addicts, including:


  1. Medical assistance and supervision. In cases that involve drug or alcohol dependency, your body has already been trained to get used to the drugs or alcohol. So a sudden withdrawal can be dangerous, even fatal, posing serious risks to your health. Being in a controlled environment means you have medical staff that can help you ease your withdrawal symptoms, making them less painful and certainly less dangerous for you.
  2. Less distractions. Concentrating on your recovery is important. If you’re mentally determined enough to get better, then an inpatient addition treatment in Malibu can help you focus on living without drugs or alcohol and finally being free from both.
  3. Zero access to temptations or triggers. Your home environment might stress you out or push you to drink or take drugs. By removing yourself from that environment, you might have a chance to learn how to manage triggers and temptations better, keeping a relapse from ever happening.


  1. Lack of privacy. Because you’re under constant medical supervision, you’ll need to say goodbye to your privacy for a few weeks, if not months. It’s a necessary safety measure, especially if your withdrawal symptoms are severe and could likely cause effects like a cardiac arrest.
  2. Costs more. This is certainly less friendly on your wallet than an outpatient treatment program. However, recovery is worth every cent, and often, your insurance can cover the treatment – so if this is the kind of help you need to recover, then it’s well worth every cent.
  3. Schedule disrupted. You’ll need to take a long leave of absence from work or school. This means you might miss out on graduating at the same time with everyone else, or get passed over for a promotion since you’ll need to take a leave of absence. Still, even these sacrifices are worth your health and recovery.

Finding Help

Inpatient treatments are also ideal for recovering addicts who’ve already gone the road of outpatient treatment and need something more intensive to help them cure their addiction. This is also known as aftercare. Just make sure you pick the right one in terms of price, treatment program uniqueness and aftercare services. Aside from the rehabilitation period itself, having excellent aftercare services can make a difference in your fight to recovery. So keep that in mind when you pick a facility.

Serenity Malibu offers addiction programs to help you with your recovery. Contact us for more details on how we can help you.

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