Installing & Maintaining Landscape Design with Ac Landscaping LTD in Port Jefferson NY

Landscaping is an integral part of a home’s curb appeal. Without decent landscaping, even the most lavish of homes can look drab. Adding the simplest of attributes, like a mulched flower bed or ornate bushes, can drastically boost the appearance. Some homeowners have the know-how and time to install landscaping themselves, but there are a lot of people who require the assistance of professionals to create an attractive and complimentary look. The skilled technicians at a company like Ac Landscaping LTD in Port Jefferson NY are ready to aid any homeowner in transforming the look of their property through the use of vegetation and intricate masonry work.

There are a lot of available options when it comes to landscape design. Homeowners can choose to employ a primarily vegetative display or turn large empty areas of lawn into hardscape patios and walkways. The team at AC Landscaping is dedicated to helping their clients present the most attractive property possible. They always listen carefully to the homeowner’s desires and craft a design that infuses both their landscaping expertise with the ideas of the customer. Everything is based around a set budget, so clients never have to worry about excess expenses. Homeowners who wish to see the company’s work before discussing design options should visit . Here they will find several photographic galleries of completed projects as well as a listing of all services the company provides. This resource is a great way for customers to devise a feasible design before their initial consultation.

Landscaping doesn’t last forever. Routine maintenance is a year-round job. Homeowners can always have landscaping installed and not ask the technicians to come back until the following year, but the overall look is going to suffer. Weeds will eventually pop up, foliage will overgrow, masonry may shift and become discolored, and seasonal plants will die. This is why the team at AC Landscaping LTD in Port Jefferson NY offers a maintenance plan to all their customers. Those homeowners who sign up for this service will receive multiple visits for lawn fertilization, seasonal plant replacement, fresh mulch installation, and foliage pruning. The technicians will also adjust any loose or misaligned masonry and even clean off those that have become covered by soil or vegetation. Individuals who want their property to consistently look its best should invest in a maintenance plan. Their home’s fresh curb appeal will be the talk and envy of the neighborhood.

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