Advantages of Choosing Aluminum Fences in Lexington KY

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

People who want fencing on their residential property but aren’t interested in a privacy fence often decide on aluminum for the material. There are several advantages with aluminum that can make this metal a better choice than wood, vinyl or wrought iron. For example, unlike iron, Aluminum Fences in Lexington KY will never corrode or rust. The fencing can be crafted to look almost exactly like wrought iron, providing the aesthetic appearance without the hassle of maintenance. In addition, because open aluminum fencing allows wind to blow through, it is not as likely to be damaged during a windstorm as a more solid vinyl or wood privacy fence might be.

In addition, iron or steel posts in the ground can both be negatively affected by soil conditions, including dampness, fertilizers and naturally occurring chemicals. Manufacturers often coat those posts with aluminum, but the coating can eventually chip or otherwise wear away. Wood posts also can be problematic. They are prone to rot and fungus growth.

Wood fencing in general requires painting or staining from time to time to protect the material from ultraviolet light and damp conditions. Wood also is vulnerable to insects, including termites and certain species of ants that chew up dead wood. Aluminum fencing, as installed by a company such as Affordable Exteriors, does not pose any of these problems. Contact us for more details on our products and installation service.

Vinyl has many advantages, such as lower cost than wood, little requirement for maintenance, and resistance to weather elements and bugs. A main issue with vinyl is that although it can be manufactured to look very much like wood, it cannot look like wrought iron. People who prefer that style but don’t want to maintain the metal tend to choose aluminum fences in Lexington KY.

Aluminum also is suitable for chain link fencing, but vinyl is not. Chain link fences are not as common a choice among residential property owners, but some like this affordable option for enclosing a large backyard area for their dogs. People who are unsure whether chain link is suitable for their yard can choose decorative aluminum instead, which also is sturdy enough to keep the pets where they belong.

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