Measures You Can Apply For Rodent Control

Measures You Can Apply For Rodent Control

Whenever you are faced with rodents in the home, it is important to ensure their swift removal. While most people prefer to do it themselves, there are strict rules in Australia about which rodents can be eliminated and which ones cannot. Unless you’re a professional, such as RIP, you may do things incorrectly and could risk fines, damage and more. Rodent control should be done by a professional, using a variety of measures.


There are two trapping methods available, including snap traps and live ones. The snap traps work by killing the rodent and will keep them contained until they can be removed. However, it isn’t a humane option and may not be appropriate when used alone.

Likewise, live traps will contain the rodent, but will not kill it. It can be let back into nature and continue its life. Again, it isn’t the most effective method of treatment, but it can work along with other options to remove the problem and keep it from returning.


Chemicals and poisons are also used, especially in conjunction with traps. Traditional chemicals that can be purchased in a store may not be sufficient when dealing with rodents. They have heightened senses that can lead them to ignore the chemicals and invade other areas of the home. Likewise, they may vacate the premises temporarily until the chemicals dissipate and then return.

However, professionals use a variety of techniques, including bait, tracking powder and gel.


Once the rodents are gone and control is back in order, you will need to sanitise the area and keep them from returning. Professionals know what to do and can help you create a plan to clean up any messes and use various techniques to ensure that they cannot get back into the home.

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