Interesting Facts About Pecans From The Pecan Store Country Gifts in Tucson, AZ

Pecans make great Country Gifts in Tucson AZ for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost is that they taste great and are exceptionally nutritious. As fun as they are to receive as either a special holiday gift or for no particular reason at all, there are also plenty of fun facts about pecans. Here are just a few to feed the inquiring mind.

*   The word pecan is derived from an ancient American Indian word meaning “nut that requires stone to be cracked open.”

*   A pecan tree can live to be as old as two hundred years and can also grow to reach heights of one-hundred and thirty feet.

*   Pecans are a veritable superfood and have been rated as a heart-healthy food by the American Heart Association.

*   The official pecan capital of the world is none other than the city of Albany in the grand old state of Georgia, which boasts a population of 600,000 pecan trees.

The typical pecan pie contains 78 pecans.

*   Pecans have even been in the Olympics! The 1996 Olympic Games saw the famous Olympic torch bear handles made from 100% authentic Georgian pecan wood.

*   Pecan trees only bear their fruit once every two years. This is why pecans tend to be one the most expensive nuts on the market.

*   Pecans are very high in the mineral zinc. This mineral is responsible for helping to boost testosterone. This means that pecans can not only make thoughtful and heartfelt Country Gifts in Tucson AZ, but improve recipients’ love lives too!

*   It would take approximately 148 million pecans to fill a pool of Olympic dimensions. Although why you would want to is anyone’s guess.

*   Pecans come in well over 1000 different types and species. They also come in six different sizes, including mammoth and midget!

As one can see, pecans not only make great gifts but they are interesting to learn about also. Visit website for some amazing and unique gifts blending the natural goodness of pecans with the down-home Southern charm that they inherently possess. Gifts that will be remembered and cherished for years to come await the eager shopper that chooses to browse the options available.

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