Intro to Powder Coating

Intro to Powder Coating

Right where you are, look around; kitchen appliances, grills, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, fans, and probably your computer keyboard have all been powder coated. Your chair, computer desks, ceiling tiles, fire extinguishers and so much more around you have probably been powder coated. Okay. So now you have a question.

What is a powder coating?

Powder coating is a dry surface finish that protects or decorates a top layer of an item. Surfaces that can be powder coated include aluminum, steel and other metals, wood, plastic, composites and even glass. The varieties of color and the texture seem almost without limit and the end result is durability and beauty.

How is a Powder Coating Applied?

Pigments, resins, and other ingredients are melted and mixed together, cooled and ground into a fine powder. A powder coating machine is then used to coat the surface using an electrostatic charge. The coated part is then oven cured. The result is an extremely durable coating.

Why Should You Consider Powder Coating?

A first reason is powder coating is very environmentally friendly. No carcinogens or hazardous byproducts result from powder coating. Other coating methods, such as liquid coatings, can produce hazardous waste material. Care for the environment, concern for the health of employees working with the product and what a business may leave for future neighbors, is a good reason to consider powder coating. A recent article on, Ram Ramnath describes powder coating as the “green champion” of the coating industry.

Secondly, powder coating is less susceptible to damage from chemicals, weather and light. Powder coating can resist chips, scratches, corrosion and fading over time.

Many company have shifted from liquid coating because of it is less toxic to the environment and provides a strong, lasting, and attractive coating.

A powder coating machine would be a great investment for any business that desires to provide a product with a durable, attractive, and environmentally friendly coating.

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