Is It Possible to Repair a House Foundation in Oklahoma City?

Foundation problems are common in the Oklahoma City area. While some issues may be the result of improper construction, the majority of foundation problems are directly related to the area’s expansive soils. Clay soils do not drain well. When it rains, they tend to expand dramatically, and that puts tremendous pressure on foundations. During dry weather, on the other hand, the soils contract, and can leave voids around foundations, allowing them to settle enough to cause cracking. There are many potential solutions for foundation problems, but not all are effective in the long run.

Arguably the best long-term solution to repair house foundation Oklahoma City requires the use pilings to stabilize the structure. The exact solution is modified for individual homes, but the system incorporates pilings, underpinnings, and other techniques to prevent foundations from moving, even during extreme conditions. While other systems have been effective in the short term, most have not held up during the worst conditions.

Of course, it is still wise to take steps that minimize the potential for water to accumulate around the foundation. Home building industry experts routinely recommend proper site drainage, including having soils slope away from the home, to encourage proper drainage. Gutter systems are also used to mitigate soil saturation issues, as quality gutter systems are designed to quickly move roof runoff from the area around the home. In extreme cases, swales and other site alterations may be necessary. When working with the repair house foundation Oklahoma City experts, get their advice for improving site drainage.

While repairing a home foundation is possible, it is far wiser to prevent foundation problems when the house is constructed. Foundation contractors can install the same type of system during construction to prevent foundation problems from ever occurring. For the best results, using the Ram Jack system can enhance the value of any home in the area.

For additional information on repairing foundation damage, contact an expert to analyze any issues that are present. The foundation professional will provide a homeowner with potential solutions for the issues, allowing the homeowner to make educated decisions on the various repair options. To get started, watch the Youtube Video.



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