It’s Not Too Late To Have Furnace Repair In Bellingham, WA Performed

Is your furnace making a loud bang when it turns off? Do you hear a squealing sound when the blower motor starts? These are only two signs that a furnace needs to be serviced as quickly as possible.

Maintenance is the key to keeping a furnace operating at its best and helps it to consume as little fuel as possible. In addition to strange noises coming from a furnace, if a homeowner has to continually turn the thermostat to a higher level to stay warm, Furnace Repair in Bellingham WA needs to be performed. When a homeowner has a furnace checked and serviced now, they will stay warm the rest of the winter and be ready for the next heating season.

Regular Maintenance

The key to extending the life of a furnace and keeping energy costs low is regular maintenance. A furnace clean and tune-up includes inspecting the:

Pilot assembly
Gas burners and cleaning
Carbon monoxide levels
Oxygen levels
Heat exchanger
Fan control
Blower motor
Electrical wiring
Amp draw from blower motor
And much more.
Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a very important part of the furnace that will get very hot during operation and then cool down. If the heat exchanger is rusted or cracked, Furnace Repair in Bellingham WA will not be able to be performed. A cracked heat exchanger can release dangerous carbon monoxide into a home.

Duct Cleaning

Another service a furnace repair service can perform is duct cleaning. Changing the furnace filter on a regular basis helps it to operate more efficiently. Duct cleaning removes bacteria, viruses, mold, pet dander, and other dangerous things from the ductwork in a home.

A technician will use special brushes to loosen everything in the ducts that can cause poor indoor air quality in a home. A large vacuum hose will be connected from the ductwork to a truck outside. All of the dirt, germs, and mold will be removed through the hose.

Whether your furnace is a year old or ten years old, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it operating at peak performance. For more information, please visit.

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