Don’t Get Cold. Call For Heating System Repair In Toledo OH

Don’t Get Cold. Call For Heating System Repair In Toledo OH

Although the temperatures briefly increased, the cold winter weather is still going to cause a homeowner to use their heat. The end of the heating season is a common time for homeowners to have a breakdown or another problem. If the heating system does not appear to be keeping a home as warm as it should or is making odd noises, now is the time to contact a company who has experience in heating system repair in Toledo OH.

An owner’s best intention is to have regular maintenance performed on their heating system. Unfortunately, time, money, and other hindrances could result in the furnace not being properly maintained. Maintenance is key to extending the life of a heating system and keeping energy costs low.

Maintenance Services

An HVAC company offers a variety of service packages for homeowners to choose from. Maintenance service includes cleaning, safety inspections, thermostat calibration, installation inspections, filter check, and fan and motor oil. A gas furnace can be tuned-up for under $85. An owner can easily spend this money in wasted energy each year by failing to have their furnace maintained.


Another type of heating systems many homes have is a boiler. Maintenance services on a boiler are just as important as a furnace. A boiler system can benefit from a cleaning, safety inspection, thermostat calibration, installation, inspection, chimney inspection, pressure check and nozzle or filter change. Heating system repair in Toledo OH should only be performed by an experienced HVAC technician.

Other Services

It is great to have a furnace maintained by an experienced HVAC company because they can also check the air conditioning system. A technician can become familiar with the homeowner and the heating and cooling system. Installation of an air cleaner will reduce dust and improve the air quality in a home.

The reputable HVAC company will provide 24-hour service, seven days a week and install or repair water heaters, humidifiers, and air cleaners. Do not let the weather catch you by surprise when repairs now to the heating system will keep it operating until spring. Contact us to learn more about all of the services that are offered.

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