Keep That Highly Efficient Home Comfortable All Year Using Air Conditioning Repair in Manassas VA

Sometimes, the most aggravating problem with modern homes is that they are too efficient. This usually means the home will need some method of cooling, even during the winter, because the building cannot breath properly. This situation tends to trap heat in the structure which requires the circulation of treated air to make things bearable. This task is often handled by the HVAC and may even be possible by operating the system in fan mode only. Sadly, the more one uses the appliance, the more likely that it will be to need Air conditioning repair in Manassas VA.

The AC is a combination of coils which transfer heat, a condensing system to compress the refrigerant and at least two fans for moving air around the coil or through the building. It functions by condensing the refrigerant and causing a state change. This allows the chemical to accumulate heat from around the evaporator and chill the metal of the coil. This, in turn, allows a blower system to force air through the appliance so the cold can be distributed better. Surprisingly, there is the little theoretical difference between huge HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems and the portable units placed in windows except that the HVAC can treat larger areas and can be fixed with Air conditioning repair in Manassas VA.

An alternative to the HVAC is the split or ductless system. This type of comfort appliance also uses an external condenser to compress the refrigerant, but the chemical is then pumped to one or more blower systems. These small units are typically mounted on a wall so the treated air can flow down into the rooms. By eliminating the use of air ducts, the homeowner creates a better environment with cleaner air. Plus, they now have the ability to control the temperature in various areas. This allows setting the system to cool a room being used without wasting energy to keep other areas at the same temperature. Repairs on these appliances can involve the external condenser or one of the blower units. Contact Woodys Sudden Service Heating and Cooling for further details.

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