Keep Your Seafood Live and Fresh: Commercial Livestock Tanks in New York City

Some of the greatest attractions New York City has to offer are in its wide variety of culturally diverse food fare. With its proximity to the cold waters of the North Atlantic, and the warmer waters south along the eastern seaboard, New York City has access to some of the freshest seafood in the country. Whether you are serving fresh crab dumplings in Chinatown or Maine lobster tail in an uptown restaurant, what could be better for keeping your seafood healthy and fresh than clean, commercial livestock tanks?

From the Boat to the Table

Commercial livestock tanks provide you with a way to keep your seafood live, and live seafood means the freshest seafood possible. Safely transporting live lobster, crab, oysters, or any other live seafood requires a tank of clean, aerated water that is kept at the optimal temperature for freshness. You also need a place to store—or even display—your live seafood until your customers are ready to have you put it on their plate or to take it home to their own kitchen. Look to Aquarius Aquariums for the widest variety of standard and custom commercial livestock tanks in New York City for your seafood needs.

Display That Seafood in Style

Your patrons like to know that their seafood is going to be served fresh, and nothing assures freshness quite like letting them choose their next meal right out of a live display case. You want to keep your seafood in a tank that is specifically designed to keep water clean and temperatures controlled to prevent bacteria contamination, but you also want your tank to function as a display case. You can customize your livestock tank to include features that make the environment look natural with rocks, artificial plants and corals, and adequate lighting, presenting your fresh seafood in an attractive manner. Visit Aquarius Aquariums.

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