Beautify That Concrete Floor Using Superior Flooring Services in Tacoma, WA

Beautify That Concrete Floor Using Superior Flooring Services in Tacoma, WA

When it comes to making a home or business look great, the condition of the floors always plays a key role. However, certain kinds of floors will require more effort than others. For instance, hardwood flooring needs the occasional sanding and staining so the surface has a smooth, even appearance. One of the more difficult types of floor surfaces to deal with is concrete. Concrete finishes vary from a roughly floated surface to one that is highly polished. Plus, it is possible to create a unique look on a concrete floor with the use of stains and the skills of an expert in Flooring Services in Tacoma WA.

Most concrete floors come with a simple, burnished finish because the surface is used as a sub-floor. In the case where a concrete slab will double as the visible floor, it may also be finished with a glossy shine. This is done with a fine, diamond abrasives of various grades. While this type of finish works well for certain purposes, there are better options such as concrete stains, dyes, stencils, and coatings. Each has a specific function and the one that gets used will depend on the tastes of the property owner. Homeowners often prefer artistic designs that are usually applied with stencils. Businesses tend to go for custom stain designs that give the place look unique appearance. Note that many stains react with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete.

One of the better options for concrete Flooring Services in Tacoma WA is the use of dyes. Concrete dyes are typically based on water or solvents, and they do not react to the concrete like stains do. In fact, the dyes seep into the spaces between the concrete so the color remains intact for a long time. Concrete dyes come in a wide range of colors, and the floor can be coated with a glossy finish once the dyes have dried. Another possibility with concrete is a tinted sealer. This method of treatment provides a translucent finish that is more subtle than other coloring methods while offering excellent moisture protection for the floor. Get more information about concrete flooring options from the professional at Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc.

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