Keeping Odor At Bay When Waiting For Garbage Removal in Watertown

When someone has trash stored on their property in anticipation of Garbage Removal in Watertown, they will most likely want to keep odors from being emitted. Wildlife often knocks down garbage cans that are odorous, leading to a messy situation. It is important to take steps to keep trash from becoming a nuisance to neighbors as well. Here are some steps one can take to make sure their trash is not emitting smells into the neighborhood.

It is a good idea to place garbage cans in an area of the property where shade is present. Placing garbage cans in direct sunlight will amplify any odor from inside. Most people place their trash cans in a shed or garage to keep them secure. This is a good idea for keeping trash away from animals. Make sure to lock the doors of these buildings to keep wildlife from getting inside.

Spraying the interior of garbage bags with a deodorizer before placing trash inside will help keep them from becoming odorous. A commercial-grade deodorizing spray can be used, or a homemade solution of vinegar and water can be used if desired. It is also a good idea to wash out the interiors of garbage cans after the trash is collected.

Refrain from placing biodegradable foods inside of garbage cans. These are known to be especially pungent when kept for an extended period of time. Instead, place scraps of food inside a compost pile to help in the production of rich soil.

Double-bag trash when possible. This will help reduce the amount of scent being emitted from the cans. Each bag can be sprayed with a deodorizing spray for double the protection in eliminating odor.
If someone is interested in finding out more about ways to eliminate odor from their garbage cans, they can call a garbage collection service in their area. To find out more About Feher Rubbish Removal Inc, simply give them a call and inquire about garbage removal in Watertown. This professional service is known for its dedication to their customers. Call to schedule a pickup or give pricing information over the phone if desired.

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