Keeping Storefronts in Washington, DC Sparkling Clean

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Glass & Window Repair

Storefronts in Washington DC are made interesting and eye-catching thanks to their windows. The large glass displays fronts are used to advertise sales, display seasonal merchandise and provide natural light into offices and retail spaces. Without properly maintained front walls, many businesses will experience a decline in sales, because this is the first impression everyone has of the company. Unfortunately, glass is a delicate product that can be time consuming to care for properly.

Here are how many businesses keep their doors and windows gleaming.

Storefronts in Washington DC are cleaned regularly. Since there is a lot of traffic, there tends to be a lot of dust that is deposited on the exteriors of doors and windows. Glass doors are also frequently covered with fingerprints. Most doors will need to be washed daily to keep the fingerprints and smears under control. Display windows should be washed weekly to remove any dust and to prevent spiders from having the opportunity to set up their own displays.

This is done with a bucket of warm water mixed with dish detergent and a clean squeegee. Paper towels and rags will leave lint and are not able to wash the large area fast enough to prevent the streaks that occur when the cleaning product dries on the glass. The glass is wiped first with a soft cloth to remove excess debris. Use a sponge to wet the entire window then run the squeegee in horizontal lines from top to bottom. Wipe away the moisture from the squeegee with a rag after each swipe.

Inside, the windows should be thoroughly cleaned with the squeegee every time the display is changed. In-between displays, it is usually adequate to dust with a cloth. If necessary, spot clean with glass cleaner and a soft rag.

If the problem with the window is a crack or ding rather than dirt, contact Beltway Auto and Plate Glass for a replacement. Large display windows and storefront doors are not safe to customers or employees when they have cracks and breaks. Avoid any liability issues by having the glass inspected by an expert immediately. Click Here to contact someone for a window repair or replacement for any home, auto or business.

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