Why More Homeowners Are Using Bamboo Flooring

There are dozens of flooring types available today, yet warm wood tones are still some of the most sought after. However, many customers who might have ordered hardwood a few years ago are now choosing Bamboo Flooring. It is actually made from a plant. Flooring is readily available from suppliers like Anthony’s World of Floor and easy to install. Customers also like the fact that durable, earth-friendly bamboo is available in many shades.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Is Plentiful

Clients who worry about depleting the world’s trees often locate experts at websites and then arrange to install Bamboo Flooring. They get the beauty of hardwoods without destroying mature trees that can take as much as 100 years to grow. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants and has been known to sprout up 3 feet in a single day. It only takes a plant about 3 years to reach full maturity, which it can do without fertilizer or pesticides. In addition, fewer chemicals are used in the creation of this kind of flooring than in woods.

There Is a Bamboo for Every Taste

Homeowners may choose bamboo flooring in order to get a particular shade that matches their decorating theme. The flooring can have a wide range of shades and grain patterns. Colors range from deep mahogany hues to light ashes. They include espresso, sand, distressed dark honey, toast, and caramel. Vendors offer solid, engineered and laminate bamboo. Engineered flooring and laminates are less expensive and easy to clean but include man-made as well as natural materials.

Beautiful Bamboo Stands the Test of Time

Shoppers often choose bamboo when they want to add warmth and beauty to rooms and still enjoy easy maintenance. Flooring is typically treated so that it resists termites, mildew, and rot. It does not expand and contract the way woods do. Bamboo is available in a range of hardness levels and still looks beautiful after years of everyday use.

Homeowners who want the warmth of wood flooring without killing trees often choose bamboo. Bamboo is very plentiful, easy to install and is available in a wide range of patterns and shades. It is also durable and retains its beauty, even in high traffic areas.

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