Kitchen Marble Countertops in Minneapolis

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Home Improvement

Marble countertops give kitchens a luxurious surface that lends warmth and sophistication. Marble adds an element of dressiness to a kitchen and is ideal for customers who love the elegant, clean, and bright look of marble. However, marble can be a little bit discouraging because of its ease of staining and wear. Rich with brilliant crystals and fantastic color variations, the marble comes in a variety of shades  – cream, pink, white, black, and green – those customers can choose from.

What to Consider When Choosing Marble for Use

Customers interested in putting up marble countertops need to consider the following:

* Countertop thickness – Marble countertop thickness ranges from three-quarters of an inch to an inch. A quarter of an inch is preferred, while the standard overhand should range from one inch to one and half inches.

* Marble types – There are two major types: Carrera and Calcutta. The former is white or blue in color with soft veining while the latter is white with taupe veining.

* Forms – There are two major forms in which marble is used: slabs, which offer a more solid look, and tiles, which are more affordable.

Installing Kitchen Marble Countertops

Many of customers like to have gorgeous marble counters in their kitchen. However, to have the marble countertop installed in place, professional assistance is key. Installation of marble countertops is a delicate and tricky job and therefore needs a professional input to come up with a sparkling beautiful finish. While there are a couple of installers for marble countertops in Minneapolis, it is very important that the customer vets them before choosing their preferred providers. They need to go for:

* The accredited marble countertops installation companies

* Companies that offer high-quality work at affordable rates

* Companies with highly-trained staff that will guide customer through the entire installation process

* A company that offers a variety of colors from which to choose

Care and Maintenance for Kitchen Marble Countertops

Marble, compared to other rocks, is more porous, soft and chemically sensitive. Its surfaces wear sooner compared to granite. It can also be easily etched with acids because of its composition (Calcite and Calcium carbonate). Marble absorbs oils and other liquids and can easily get stained. That is why it is many customers dislike the idea of to putting marble on heavily used bathroom or kitchen surfaces. To prevent liquids from penetrating the surfaces and consequently staining them, the surfaces need to be sealed with a penetrating sealer. Besides this, marble should only be cleaned with neutral pH detergents and at pressures lower than 800 PSI.

Properly installed marble countertops give a kitchen a luxurious surface that lasts a lifetime. Although marble is pricy and not very durable as compared to other stones, the smooth, beautiful and cool surface can be an excellent choice for most luxury-oriented customers who would love to experience marble countertops.

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