Knowing What You Want Helps Atlanta Web Development Companies

Planning a website or upgrading an existing site is a time for a lot of critical decisions. Most Atlanta small business owners and entrepreneurs turn to web development companies to create a unique and informative website that generates traffic and maximizes conversions.

When hiring any web development company, it is helpful to have a general idea of what you want your website to provide for your customers. Being prepared to share with the company that is working on your site the basics of your vision, what you see as your short and long term future goals and information about your target audience will be critical.

To help the company with web design and to streamline the process or launch of the new or improved site, make sure you understand what you want in the following areas.

The Intent

While most websites will be ecommerce based, this is not always the case. Many websites offer a combination of content marketing in the form of blogs and relevant articles combined with sales pages.

The intent of the website may also be to provide the customer with solutions to their problems and to highlight the ability of your company to offer those solutions. The intent of the website will impact the layout and design as well as the features and functions of the site.

Custom or Platform?

There are lots of platforms available for ecommerce sites, general business sites, and combination sites. Using a platform can streamline the web development phase will provide you with a website that will be easy to manage moving forward.

Some companies may need modifications to a platform while other companies may require unique and custom design. If you like a specific platform talk to the designers, this can be a cost-effective route for a small or large website.

Finally, if there are specific design elements or features you don’t want on a website, share that information early in the process. Top website development companies in Atlanta will spend time asking a lot of questions and getting to understand what you like and don’t like while in the planning stage.

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