Repairing Basketball Courts in Guilford CT

When a park has outdoor basketball courts in Guilford, CT on their property, there will be a need to do maintenance to keep the playing areas in the best of the condition. The recreation workers can do some steps on their own to help in keeping the courts in usable condition. Here are some tips to keep a basketball court surface from deteriorating prematurely.

Clean The Court Frequently

It is a good idea to clean the court playing surface every day or so to remove any debris from the area. Failing to clean the courts can lead to the possibility of moisture accumulation as the debris will trap water underneath and around it. Sweep the courts with a soft-bristled broom to remove loose debris and use a garden hose to wash away and harder to remove dirt. It is best to refrain from using a pressure washer if possible. The impact of the water could be detrimental to the floor as damage can become present from excessive moisture.

Make Repairs In A Timely Manner

When cracks are noticed in the cement or asphalt surface used to play basketball upon, they will need to be repaired quickly so the court can continue to be used as desired. Pieces of crushed stone can be placed in any cracks, and then a cement sealant can be used to keep them in place. The stone gives the floor stability, and the sealant will provide a protective barrier from further damage. The sealant may require some sanding to keep the court floor smooth.

Add Enhancements If Desired

The court will need new guidelines painted over a floor that is replaced or repaired, so players will know where to stand to gain points when playing a game. A basketball guideline stencil can be purchased for this reason. It is positioned on the court floor and secured with tape. Voids in the stencil will indicate the areas to be repainted.

When there is a need to call an asphalt company to make repairs to basketball courts in Guilford, CT, finding one that will respond quickly is desirable. Visit the website to find out more about services offered or to make an appointment.

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