Landscaping And Plant Health Care In Fairfield, Connecticut

Landscaping And Plant Health Care In Fairfield, Connecticut

There is no shame in being short on curb appeal. The homeowner can easily remedy the problem with landscape improvements. Moreover, improvements do not have to be expensive to make a lasting impact.

Flowers Are Your Best Friend

Flowers and shrubs are a yard’s best friend. However, the homeowner needs to learn Plant Health Care in Fairfield Connecticut. Plants can be pricey, so it is well worth it to know how to take care of them. First, perennials are the way to go to make a lasting investment.

Perennials bloom year after year without a lot of care. They make a great start for a landscaping plan. Include blooming vines with the flowers for a running boost of color. Indeed, clematis is one of the most reliable vines. Vines look great on a trellis or let them run through the other plants.

Many homeowners choose to work with landscaping companies. The company does the work and incorporates the owner’s plant choices. Likewise, professionals know about Plant Health Care in Fairfield Connecticut.

Have Blooms Year Round

It is a good idea to review the plant blooming schedule for your area. Plant flowers and shrubs that bloom from spring until fall. Azaleas and daffodils are a couple of the showstoppers at winter’s end. Summer plant choices include day-lily and lantana. Finally, chrysanthemums arrive with the first sign of fall.

There are some showy yard additions for winter. Pyracantha is a perennial shrub that features white flowers in spring. Later, the flowers turn into berries that turn orange in fall. Best of all, the berries are bright red by Christmas.

When it comes to shrubs, Chinese snowball is a beautiful addition. The shrub boasts white flower clusters that are six to eight inches long. In addition, hydrangeas add a glow and usually bloom twice a year.

Landscaping Secrets

Homeowners cannot fail by adding interest to the yard with fire-pits and water-fountains. Most home stores have simple kits that turn urns and statutes into water fountains. Likewise, fire-pits are a favorite place to gather on cool nights.

It is also a good idea to use several types of flower pots. Further, add hanging pots to give the garden dimension. For professional advice, Visit the website for Northeast Horticultural Services.

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