Landscaping Tips: Finding Quality Top Soil in Connecticut

Part of the preparation for the new landscape design involves adding fresh layers of topsoil to the property. This involves more than buying some soil and having it spread over the yard. Here are some tips that will aid in finding the right Quality Top soil in Connecticut for the purpose.

Evaluating the Texture

The feel or texture of the topsoil will make a difference, depending on the plans for the new landscaping. In order to ensure that a reasonable amount of water goes through the soil and nourishes the ground cover, it pays to focus on Quality Top soil in Connecticut that happens to be porous. While the texture will make it easier for excess water to drain off with ease, it also means that the roots of the grass or other ground cover never wants for the right amount of moisture.

The pH Level

Considering the pH level of the topsoil is also important. A simple testing of the product will determine if the level is balanced properly for the project that the homeowner has in mind. The goal is to ensure that the soil will help to nourish what is already on the property and create the ideal environment for plant growth.

The Color of the Soil

While many people do not take pay much attention to the color of the soil, this, in fact, can provide some valuable clues as to what the product will bring to the landscaping. Darker soils tend to include a wider range of nutrients. Opting for this type of soil will mean that the need to infuse the product with more nutrients is decreased. The result is that the ground cover is likely to grow in a more uniform manner, rather than include spots that seem to be thinner than other areas of the lawn.

The best approach to choosing the right type and quality of topsoil is to work with a professional. A landscaper will know how to test the soil that is already present and identify what kind of new soil will help to promote more efficient plant growth. Once in place, it will be possible to move forward with seeding the soil, installing sections of turf, or whatever other approach to ground cover that the owner has in mind.

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