Learn About a Home Boiler in Westchester NY

Learn About a Home Boiler in Westchester NY

According to experts, heating is one of the largest home expenses in cold parts of the country; it accounts for roughly half of all energy costs in some households. If the home has a boiler, it may be beneficial to learn how they work, how they should be maintained, and when they need replacement. When they Visit the Website and learn about the boiler, homeowners can help to keep their energy bills lower.

How Boilers Work

A home’s Boiler in Westchester NY uses burners that are powered by oil, wood chips or natural gas. The fuel and air combine and ignite, forming heat. The combustive gases are forced into the boiler’s tubes, heating the water for the entire home.

Proper Boiler Maintenance and Safety

Steam created by a boiler is distributed throughout the home using pipes, floor vents and radiators, while some steam remains in the boiler, preventing the home from overheating. Because steam builds up during the process, a boiler cannot run continually. To keep the home warm and safe, boilers must be turned off at a prescribed interval to keep the pressure at a normal level.

Homeowners should always follow the boiler manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. A plumbing professional can help customers with sediment removal, air vent inspection and water level maintenance. Highly pressurized steam can cause significant injuries, and tune-ups should be done by qualified contractors.

Hire a Professional

According to industry experts, if a home’s boiler is more than two decades old, it’s best to replace it with a higher-efficiency model. Hiring an experienced, qualified contractor is important, as the technician can evaluate the system and recommend improvements that may help. Contractors can add insulation, seal ductwork, and ensure that the system is running properly.

Homeowners Should Evaluate Their Options

The AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, is the measure of a boiler’s overall performance, given in percentage form. If a home’s boiler was made post-1992, it is required to have an AFUE of 80% or more. An older Boiler in Westchester NY typically has a lower number of around 65%. In homes with older boilers, replacement can increase energy efficiency and lower monthly heating bills. Visit Cassidy Plumbing, Inc for more information.

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