Learning About Physical Therapy Programs At A Sports Rehabilitation Center

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Medical Center

A Sports Rehabilitation Center is helpful for people who need ongoing therapy for injuries that have occurred during athletic activity. Physical therapy is usually a main component of the treatment. A physical therapist develops a customized plan for each patient that is intended to maximize improvement in a relatively predictable time frame. The patient learns and participates in exercises and treatments that increase strength, mobility and flexibility. The therapy also is intended to reduce pain and speed healing. Short-term and long-term goals are set forth in the treatment plan. The therapist regularly evaluates the patient for progress and modifies the program accordingly.

A comprehensive physical therapy program at a Sports Rehabilitation Center lasts for varying amounts of time, depending on the patient and the injury. An example of a treatment regiment might include two appointments per week for three months. Another patient may only need a few appointments at the center before recovering enough to discontinue therapy. In addition to sessions with the therapist or an assistant, the person also must follow instructions for exercising at home between appointments or the program will not be as effective.

Physical therapy at a facility such as North American Emergency Medical Center may include other forms of treatment. The therapists and their assistants may use deep-heat ultrasound equipment to send sound waves into the injured part of the body, which is helpful if the injury affected soft tissue such as ligaments and muscles. The heat decreases pain and increases circulation. That increase in blood flow is beneficial for healing. Another form of treatment known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation uses specialized equipment to send electrical pulses into the injured area. Stimulating the nerves in this manner reduces pain.

Patients can become frustrated with the length of time it takes to recover from an athletic injury. During weeks when they feel no progress is being made, they may want to give up on physical therapy and try returning to their favorite sport. However, research has verified that this movement therapy is very effective, but it’s essential for the person to go to appointments as scheduled and follow directions for the at-home regimen. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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