Learning About Podiatric Surgery In Racine, WI

Learning About Podiatric Surgery In Racine, WI

Foot and ankle ailments can be very painful. Unfortunately, many conditions get worse before they get better. That is why those affected should visit a podiatrist. Many ailments can be treated but others require surgery. For instance, nearly half of all American women have a bunion. Bunions occur when the bottom of the big toe spreads. Further, the skin over the bunion may become red and irritated. Many blame bunions on wearing shoes that are tight.

The bunion causes the big toe to affect the second toe. As a result, the second toe grows over the third toe. Consequently, wearing any shoe may be uncomfortable. The podiatrist tries conservative measures to stop the pain. Nonetheless, podiatric surgery in Racine WI may be necessary. A bunionectomy brings the big toe back to its normal position. Likewise, the bump on the foot is removed. This procedure is done as day surgery but the recovery is long. Patients have to wear a boot for several months and there will be pain and stiffness.

Hammertoes are another common foot condition. The term refers to toes that are crooked or too small. Experts say hammertoes are caused by muscle issues. Further, tight socks and shoes worsen the condition. Podiatric Surgery in Racine WI can solve the problem. A small piece of bone is removed from the toe joint. Afterward, the joint is straightened and fused together. The surgeon may use a metal pin to hold the toe in place. Later, the pin is removed after the toe heals.

Have you heard of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease or CMT? It is a common genetic neurological disorder. CMT affects many parts of the body, including the foot. Symptoms include a foot with a very high arch. What occurs is that the muscles on the outside of the foot weaken. As a result, muscles on the inside of the foot cause the high arch. In addition, the foot turns inward. The high arch causes the heel to invert which makes walking dangerous. Surgery must be performed to align the foot with the ground. Visit a podiatrist’s website to get more information about various surgeries.

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