Evaluating Lawyers In Abu Dhabi

One of the benefits of the internet is that it makes searching for legal professionals and consultants much easier. However, this same technology allows a lawyer or an Abu Dhabi law firm to create a false impression of their size, expertise and the resources they can offer a client.

It is important to complete due diligence on the attorney you are considering. This is true if you need assistance in opening a business in a free zone as a foreign investor or if you are entering into a sponsorship with a UAE national for an onshore company.

Any legal matter for business or an individual should be handled by a qualified, experienced attorney. At STA Law we offer professionals in commercial law, international legal affairs as well as for criminal defense. In fact, we offer all commercial business law practice areas including intellectual property, construction, and real estate, banking, and finance as well as employment law advice that is specific to the UAE.

Verify Information

Part of being an informed consumer is to delve deeper into understanding the expertise and experience of a particular Abu Dhabi law firm. Established and reputable law firms in the UAE will have done this due diligence for you, but it is still important to verify the professional has the level of subject matter expertise to provide top representation.

This is more critical with sole proprietor law firms or very small firms. With large firms like STA Law, we draw on the expertise of our entire team of attorneys within our firm. This allows us to provide the best in legal services from attorneys that focus the practice areas relevant to the case.

With a small firm or a single attorney, there is no additional professional support. Often these attorneys try to handle multiple types of commercial and corporate law, which means they may have general knowledge but not specific expertise and experience.

Take the time to ask about past representation, types of cases handled and the ability to provide the best possible legal services for your needs. This may be provided on the website, but it still important to clarify and follow-up with a personal conversation with the firm or attorney. Browse the website for more information.

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