Calling A Service For Plumbing in Huber Heights, OH

Calling A Service For Plumbing in Huber Heights, OH

When a homeowner has a house in an area where temperatures fall below zero during the winter months, steps will need to be taken to ensure the plumbing remains intact. Freezing temperatures can lead to water in pipes turning into ice. This, in turn, could cause pipes to burst, necessitating a call to a service that does Plumbing in Huber Heights OH as a result. Here are some steps that will aid in keeping pipes from freezing during winter weather.

Use Insulation To Protect Pipes

Pipes can be warmed up slightly with the addition of insulation around them. A trip to a hardware or home goods store will be necessary to obtain foam sleeves or pipe tape. This material can be wrapped around pipes, providing them with a layer of warmth as a result. Insulation should be placed on pipes in areas where cooler temperatures are prevalent, such as under a home, inside a crawlspace, or in a garage.

Allow Faucets To Trickle During Cold Snaps

When outdoor temperatures are expected to get extremely cold, faucets in the home can be left trickling so water continues to flow through the piping system. This will help in keeping water from becoming a block of ice as it will be moving non-stop through the pipes. The cold water faucets can be used instead of hot water faucets so the water heater in the home does not run out of warmed liquid.

Increase The Amount Of Heat In The Home

At times when temperatures are expected to freeze, the heat in the home can be turned up to aid in keeping pipes from bursting. A space heater can be positioned in a spot where exposed pipes are present to warm them so freezing does not occur. Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to pipes underneath sinks as well.

When there is a need to find a service that provides Plumbing in Huber Heights OH to aid with a burst pipe, calling a business that will show up at home right away is best. Take a look at to find out more today.

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