Let Air Conditioning Filters in Bainbridge Island Improve Indoor Air Quality

Let Air Conditioning Filters in Bainbridge Island Improve Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air inside a home is often affected by the appliances that treat it. That is, central air systems filter the air before it is forced into the different rooms. Actually, most systems filter the air as it comes into the appliance. This is typically handled by Air Conditioning Filters Bainbridge Island. The type of filter may vary by the size of the equipment. Small HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems tend to have smaller filters, but this may also depend on where the filter is located.

The typical spot for installing Air Conditioning Filters Bainbridge Island is close to the air inlet. This may be the front of the unit or it may be an additional air duct that pulls air from another area of the building. This can be useful when the appliance is installed in an attic or basement. Placing the input on the floor where people live makes filtering the air much easier.

The primary function of the filter is to keep dirt and debris out of the system. This is useful for furnaces because it removes flammable dust that might collect in the combustion chamber. On the other hand, the filter is necessary to prevent the accumulation of dirt and mud on the evaporator coil. This problem occurs because the coil generates condensation as part of the cooling process. This moisture will mix with any dirt on the coil and quickly block off the cold metal from any air flowing over it. Filters avoid this or at least limit the effects by removing small dust particles from the incoming air.

The efficiency of any air conditioner is based on how quickly it can treat the air flowing through the system. If the filter is dirty, then this air will be contaminated and this could block the evaporator coil. This creates a problem since the coil restricts the flow of air through the air exchange. Once it is badly blocked, the contractor will need to remove the coil for cleaning. This step requires an acid bath to remove any dried on gunk. Contact Quality Heating Electrical & AC for more information on improving AC efficiency and air quality.

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