Let the Right Bike Choose You at a Harley Davidson Dealer in Pittsburgh

Let the Right Bike Choose You at a Harley Davidson Dealer in Pittsburgh

What is there to be said about buying your first Harley? If you think it’s anything like picking out a car, truck or SUV, you can toss all those preconceived notions right out the window on your way to a Harley Davidson dealer in Pittsburgh. Gas mileage, towing capacity and passenger seating mean nothing once you walk into a bike showroom. Every model on the floor will call to you with the glint of chrome and the smell of fresh leather but you have no power over which one you ride home. Bikes choose their owners.

That being said, a few details can help direct you to the right section of the showroom. Before anything else, you need to consider your riding experience as well as your size and strength. Bikes are heavy and they don’t come with training wheels. Balance and control are your responsibilities so choosing more bike than you can handle is never a good idea.

Softails and Dynas are among the lighter Harley models available. The Sportster 883 and 1200 are popular choices among beginners and lady riders alike. They also tend to be a near-perfect fit for guys who are 5 feet, 5 inches tall and under; keep in mind, being able to place your feet soundly on the road is critical to a safe and comfortable ride.

If you’re a more experienced rider, whether your past included a Harley or not, you might be more interested in what most manufacturers consider cruisers. Harley Davidson doesn’t recognize this class of bike so you wouldn’t ask for a cruiser at your Harley Davidson Dealer in Pittsburgh. Instead, you’d search for Fat Boys and Heritages.

For the experienced rider who likes to take the long way around, touring bikes are the class you’d likely seek. They’re bigger and heavier but these Road Glides, Ultra Glides and Road Kings come equipped with saddle bags or at least plenty of space to add them later. These bikes aren’t designed for first-time riders or those without the muscle and stamina to keep them upright.

No harm can come from trying out models in every category. Sit on them, stand them up and rock them gently back and forth a bit. When you find the one for you, it’ll let you know. When you’re ready for the experience, contact us to learn more.

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