Heating And Cooling in Appleton WI: Deciding Whether Radiant Heat Is a Suitable Option

Heating And Cooling in Appleton WI: Deciding Whether Radiant Heat Is a Suitable Option

Radiant heat, as installed by a contractor providing systems for Heating And Cooling in Appleton WI, is generally considered the best way to keep a house comfortable. Nevertheless, for various reasons, it’s not ideal for everyone. This form of heat is most commonly provided by a boiler that heats hot water. The water flows through tubes or pipes under the floor, or to baseboard fixtures. In contrast with a forced-air furnace, it doesn’t blow warm air into a room and thus doesn’t cause problems with dust. The heat is more consistent, and there are no cold spots in a room in which the warm air doesn’t effectively reach. Radiant systems are much quieter than forced-air furnaces as well.

One issue with radiant heat systems is the length of time they require to heat up. That makes them unsuitable for people who are gone for several days every week and want to turn the thermostat down while they are away to save money on energy costs. It can take a day or even longer for the house to return to optimum temperature. This means radiant heat also isn’t preferable for a weekend vacation house. Boiler systems are designed to provide heat at a relatively low and consistent temperature at all times. Even though the thermostat can be set lower than it would be with forced-air, the house still stays toasty warm. This isn’t the type of system in which people lower the thermostat before they leave for work and turn it back up when they get home.

A contractor who provides installation of Heating And Cooling in Appleton WI can easily install a boiler-powered radiant heat system in a new home or in addition. However, the work can be cost-prohibitive in an existing house that already has a forced-air furnace. A contractor like Bob’s quality heating & cooling would need to evaluate the structure and the flooring to provide an estimate. Homeowners also have the option of getting radiant heat in certain rooms where they want the extra warmth. The rooms where people shower or take baths are typical choices. Some individuals especially like having radiant heat in a bedroom.

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