Looking for a Franchise on the Leading Edge of Green Construction?

Looking for a Franchise on the Leading Edge of Green Construction?

GH Builders is the fastest growing residential home builders franchise in the United States. With the demand for energy efficient homes rising quickly, the need for top quality professionals that know how to build them is skyrocketing. You can be part of this growth by becoming a Master Franchisee with GH Builders.

I’ve been around the construction industry for many years. I’ve seen building trends come and go. One trend, though, has shown no signs of stopping. That is green construction. Building green means building energy efficient which lowers energy use and long-term impact on resources. It keeps the home more comfortable year round. It’s sustainable, affordable, and practical from a homeowner’s standpoint.

Why Become a Master Franchisee with GH Builders?

Now is the time for you to become a leader in this growing industry. I and my team are here to make you successful. Here’s a glimpse of what you become a part of when you join us:

You get a territory that you, as the Master Franchisee, have the exclusive rights to develop.
You become instantly ISO Compliant when you use our certified systems.
You gain access to our exclusive Green Cloud Suite which provides you with critical documents, forms, and information to make your franchise a success.
You have full access to our industry leading training and systems.
You get the support of our entire support team here at GH Builders, including lead management, marketing, home designs, financial, and legal support.
You have someone to coach and mentor you as you get your company up and running.
You get exclusive discounts from our network of building supply providers.

If you are ready to make your mark as a residential home builders franchise, contact GH Builders today. We are here to answer any questions you have and would love to tell you more about this astounding opportunity.

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