Looking for Endodontics in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Our teeth are a vital part of our health, and each one of our teeth contains a nerve – or pulp – that needs to be healthy in order to maintain the health of the tooth. When this nerve becomes infected, diseased, or otherwise sustains damage in some way, it can cause a toothache and further dental problems. Endodontics is a dental specialization that focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease to the nerve pulp of teeth.

Advanced Treatment of the Tooth Nerve

All dental practices have advanced significantly in the past few decades, and the practice of endodontics is certainly no exception. It is an important part of dentistry and is recognized as a specialty in its own right.

The nerves in teeth can be damaged in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Impact: Those who participate in contact sports may be familiar with the dental issues caused when the teeth sustain a significant impact. The teeth may be cracked, knocked out or otherwise damaged. This can have a devastating effect on the nerves in the teeth and may cause a lot of pain. In a case like this, it is vital to have an assessment by an experienced Endodontist and receive treatment to try and save the remaining nerve tissue, or to remove the nerves that are left and thereby remove the pain.

  • Disease: Nerve damage due to the infections caused by plaque eating through the teeth can cause a toothache and can damage the nerves inside the tooth. In a case like this, it is important to see a dentist, and further treatment may need to be performed by a qualified Endodontist.

A good Endodontist will always strive to save the nerve and the tooth, but in cases where it cannot be done, a root canal or tooth removal may be necessary. None of us like to think that this will happen, but if you find reputable endodontics in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, it is wise to save the number just in case something does happen.

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