How to Maintain a Heat Pump System in Leesburg

The heat pump is one of the vital components within a centralized heating and air conditioning system. The heat pump system is used to heat up the home during the winter months, and keep it cool during the summers. Basically, the heat pump is a mechanical device that makes use of a compression cycle system for refrigeration. It is capable of either heating or cooling a space.

The installation of the system is generally carried out in a couple of steps: an indoor unit is installed, which is known as the air handler, and the outdoor unit (which looks similar to an air conditioning unit), is also fixed in place. It’s known as the heat pump. Refrigerant circulates through the heat pump and absorbs the heat as it travels between the two components. Now that you understand how important this component is, here are some tips on how to maintain it properly.

Replacing the Filters

A simple way to maintain the heat pump system in Leesburg is to make sure that you replace the filters at least once a month. The filters within the heat pump are located at reasonably accessible points, so you can check them yourself to see if they have gotten dirty. Or, you can contact a local HVAC company such as website domain to check the heat pump and replace the filters.

Cleaning Outdoor Coils

You will also need to clean the outdoor coils if you think that they have gotten dirty. Dust and debris could greatly reduce the efficiency of your heat pump system, so you have to keep it clean. Make sure that you trim the foliage around the outdoor unit to ensure proper ventilation and check for any other obstructions that might affect performance.

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