Make A Great Party Even Better With Party Marquee Hire

Make A Great Party Even Better With Party Marquee Hire

While there are some people and families that never have a party and don’t know how to have a great one, many still enjoy parties and want to make it memorable. If you’re planning an outside party, which is what most people prefer, you may wish to consider marquee hire, to make things more intimate and comfortable for your guests. While you can always do the event indoors, most people are too worried that their house looks bad or that things will get broken, so it’s usually better to consider marquees.


Hiring marquees will allow you to have freedom when choosing the location. If it’s a home party, you’ll probably want to have it in the backyard, but you aren’t tied to that particular location. You can choose to have it on the beach, in the country or any almost any open setting. However, you will need to have the proper permits and licenses though the hire company you select should be able to help you with those necessities.


When you consider a marquee, you don’t have to worry about the guest count. While it may still be helpful to get a headcount before the event, you won’t have to worry about accommodating all of them. Whether it’s a wedding or some other big party, you can be limited based on the location you select. However, using the countryside or some other large area will help, and you’ll be able to use as many tents as necessary to accommodate everyone with seating, food coverings and more.


Renting a resort or hotel for the event can be tempting and may offer more options, but you will be limited with the design options you have. These places already have a particular layout, and you won’t be able to change it. Marquees, on the other hand, will allow you to select your colour theme, drapes, decorations and the types of fabrics used. You will also be able to pick out lighting, furniture, chairs and tables.


When using a particular venue, such as a reception hall or hotel, you will usually be required to use their caterer. While this can take some of the guesswork out of planning, most people have preferred caterers, especially if they host many parties each year.

If you want to make a great party even better, you’ll want to consider a marquee hire company. Visit Harts today to learn more about how they can help you with your next big event.

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