Make A Unique Fashion Statement With Short Sleeve Cardigan Sweaters

Make A Unique Fashion Statement With Short Sleeve Cardigan Sweaters

Cardigans have been slipping in and out of popularity since the Roaring Twenties, and have recently become fashionable once again. The newest style is short sleeve cardigan sweaters. Wearing short sleeve cardigan sweaters over your tank tops or blouses is a great way to add a flair to any look, formal or casual.

What Are Short Sleeve Cardigan Sweaters?

The term “cardigan” first came into use after the Crimean War in the mid-19th century. It was named after the British Major General who led the Charge of the Light Brigade, and it was at first used to describe knitted waistcoats or vests. By the 1920s, cardigan sweaters were popular among college students, and they evolved in style throughout the 20th century until they looked like what they are today: a knitted item something like a sweater, but with an open front. Some cardigans have a few buttons at the bottom, but recently more have been produced that are without any buttons. They come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors, including short sleeve cardigan sweaters. Short sleeve cardigan sweaters are worn more for style than to keep out the cold, but their knitted look is great in the fall and spring.

What To Consider When Buying Short Sleeve Cardigan Sweaters

When you are buying short sleeve cardigan sweaters, there are some things you should keep in mind. Here are a few of them:

-What will you wear it with? – Short sleeve cardigan sweaters can be the perfect complement to any of your favorite shirts or dresses. Make sure you buy one that will correspond with the color and style of the outfits you will wear it over.

-Is it the right size? – Cardigans are meant to appear graceful and flowing, so make sure the one you buy is neither too small nor too big for you so it has the right look.

-Where will you wear it? – Is the style of the cardigan you are buying appropriate for wearing to formal events, or is it better to wear to more casual events and around the house?

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