Making Care a Top Priority

America is in a unique place when it comes to caring for an aging population. The oldest baby boomers are in their early seventies and the oldest GenX members are reaching their fifties. Care delivery is changing to meet the needs of seniors worried about their care, ability to remain independent, and desire to stay in homes and neighborhoods where they feel safest. AARP reports that many seniors plan to age in place, but have no tangible idea of what that entails. However, new programs are coming into play that can make aging in place a possibility.

Moving Away from Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are feeling the pinch already; their occupancy rates are dropping to new lows. Admittedly, nursing homes are now more of a last resort accommodation, used only when a senior needs care that can’t otherwise be provided at home. When skilled nursing, dementia care, and rehabilitation services are needed to go beyond the definition of assisted living, then nursing homes fill the gap. However, having assisted parents and grandparents into “the home,” many aging citizens are looking for better options for themselves. The demand for home care has never been bigger, and it’s only going to grow.

Make Ageing in Place Your Business

Direct Care Innovations are home care management software pros, coming to the home healthcare company’s rescue with staff management solutions such as payroll management software and remote time tracking software. Management and back office solutions such as homecare scheduling software and HCBS billing software make sure that your clients get on-point care, your staff is always on the ball, and that your clients never need to worry. Even better, you’ll never sweat another Medicare or Medicaid audit. Get organized to meet the huge demand for home care health services.

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