Making Sure You Get The Right Disability Lawyer

Making Sure You Get The Right Disability Lawyer

If you are disabled and require a lawyer to help you with your application or if you have applied only to have your application denied, set your sights on a disability lawyer that has years of previous experience dealing with Social Security. The lawyer should be active and take over the management of your case. It may help considerably as you look for a disability lawyer in Lake County to know a little in advance what rules, regulations and laws apply to your claim. It will make choosing the right lawyer easier if you are somewhat familiar with the system.

You don’t need a lawyer:

It is not mandatory to have a lawyer when you apply for disability benefits or to make an appeal. However, the rules and laws are extremely complex and as such hiring a lawyer is highly recommended. Approximately three quarter of all applications for Social Security disability insurance are denied, even if you are fortunate enough to be approved, you may wish to hire a lawyer if you feel the monthly benefits are incorrect and should be disputed. The appeals process in particular can be very drawn out; it requires the submission of a substantial amount of supporting information and data.

Finding the right lawyer:

The internet is an ideal place to begin your search, there is a wealth of information available. You may also find that the doctors and other medical professionals that have been dealing with your disability can provide you with names as well. Once you have the names of a few firms, contact them, most will give you the opportunity to discuss your case at no cost. Once you have decided on a disability lawyer in Lake County you can turn everything over to the firm.

If you are physically or mentally disabled you may need help processing your application for benefits or lodging an appeal if your application was denied. You are invited to contact

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