The Hidden Secrets of the Best Web Designers

The end result customers see as an impressive website can be a tricky exercise for the Miami Website Design Expert. Experts normally have to deal with the expectation from different stakeholders in the design process. Just like most design processes, there are almost always unpredictable matters arising. Here are some clever tips that are guaranteed to make the process smoother;


This is one of the most unattractive aspects of web design. To avoid this, it is recommended to begin the design process in shades of gray. Designers who use wireframes in the initial stages of web design will appreciate the value of starting with this technique. From then, it is easy to add color elements carefully, one at a time.

Social media

Now, this might not go down so well with everyone, but good website design calls for the hiding of those icons. The main aim of good web design is such that the visitor spends as much time as possible there. With a conspicuous social media icon, all one might be doing is pushing the customer away, making it easier for them to leave the site. Ideally, you want customers to stay on the website and ask questions about the company products and services, and not digress to the company Facebook or Instagram to view posts or pictures.


There is no use having a popular website only for visitors to come in and have issues moving from one section to another. Instead of overwhelming visitors, simplify their navigation. To do this, reduce the use of dropdown menus, especially those that have multiple tiers that only those skilled with the mouse can access. Also, reduce the number of links that are found in the sidebar or header of the website.

Outdated features

As the world of website design evolves, many features continue to outlive their usefulness and popularity. One feature that comes to mind is the sidebar. Many are now realizing that when they remove these sidebars, the reader’s attention to the articles is encouraged and they get to reach the call to action at the end. In fact, the removal of sidebars has increased the number of call to action graphics clicks by up to 35 percent in some instances.

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