Medical Break-Through in Arthroscopic Surgical Procedures with an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Gunnison CO

Medical Break-Through in Arthroscopic Surgical Procedures with an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Gunnison CO

Professional athletes get injuries of jointed body parts more than any other region of the body. Some of these injuries can have them out of the game for an entire season. If the right treatment isn’t given for proper healing, There’s a risk for re-injury and irreparable damage. The elbows, hips, ankles and knees are vulnerable to injury in contact sports. Arthroscopic procedures by an orthopaedic surgeon in Gunnison CO treat and repair injuries of this kind with little intrusion to the body. There is less downtime and patients don’t experience the same kind of complications that can happen with open surgery. The scope is a procedure of precision. The surgeon is able to work on the injured tissue without touching any healthy tissue surrounding it.

An endoscope is used in arthroscopic surgery. Unlike conventional medical equipment, it’s inserted right into the part of the body to be treated. Endoscopes either have a rigid or pliable tube. A light flashes through the tube that lights up the organ or tissue to be examined. The endoscope has two purposes, to view all parts of the damaged tissue in detail for diagnosis and to have a clear view of the tissue or organ undergoing surgery. An orthopaedic surgeon in Gunnison CO can also cure carpal tunnel syndrome and repair tissue of arthritic joints. With only a tiny incision to access the tunnel that provides space for the carpal tunnel nerve, compression on that nerve is released for complete relief of the symptoms. Fractures, bone spurs, ligament tears and scar tissue on cartilage can be comprehensively repaired with this innovative procedure.

Issues people have experienced with hip replacement in the past can be avoided today with scope technology. First, the endoscope can give an exact diagnosis when a patient comes in for an initial appointment to get answers for hip pain. The way the tubal camera allows doctors to view internal structures of body parts lets them know for sure if a hip replacement is even necessary. For many people, hip replacement can be avoided with non-invasive arthroscopic surgery. The part of the hip anatomy that’s causing pain is repaired and a major surgery like hip replacement is avoided. Contact Chamberland Orthopaedics for more information.

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