Methods of Sports Rehabilitation in Westmont, IL

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Medical Center

The Sports Rehabilitation Westmont IL, clinics provide is not aimed at assisting just the professional athlete. Their work is dedicated to helping all athletes of any age and of any ability level. The therapy they provide will help to reduce or eliminate pain and get everyone active and enjoying their favorite sports again. Whether an injury is small or extensive, there is help available.

Cortisone injections are a common starting point for treating joint and back pain. These injections are safe, have few side effects, and offer immediate pain relief. Another treatment done by injection is nerve blocks. In this instance, when the pain is being caused by a damaged nerve, an anesthetic can be injected to block signals to the brain from the nerve, relieving the pain that is felt.

When the pain is more intense, or the injections are unable to treat the problem effectively, other methods are available for relief. Radiofrequency ablation uses a specific needle to direct a small amount of electric current alongside the nerves suspected of causing the pain. When the specific nerve is identified, it is then heated by the same needle, eliminating the ability of the nerve to send pain signals. This can be done for one problem nerve or several, if necessary.

Probably the most common form of Sports Rehabilitation Westmont IL, athletes undergo is physical therapy. This carefully monitored activity encourages participants to perform specific exercises to help heal and strengthen damaged muscles and to increase the range of movement in sore joints. With minor injuries, the therapy needed may be only a few session while more extensive damage could require several months of help.

North American Emergency Medical Center is an urgent care facility that can care for athletes from the moment of the injury until recovery is complete. Because their specialists will have access to all of the records regarding the injury and any previous treatment, it makes them much more capable of creating a custom plan to manage and treat ongoing pain. Sports medicine is not all they provide, however. They are also available for preventative care, worker’s compensation claims, and much more. In addition, their urgent care is open every day of the year with no appointment ever necessary.

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